Low Carbs Recipe Ideas
18.09.2014 16:26

Alright before I sound like many of the other "expert personal trainers" I'm going to talk about food. Unfortunately for you this is not a blog post about pizza. Sorry to let you down but I'm doing it for your own good. But if you haven't noticed yet but Carbs play a key role in getting to your ideal weight. 

So we have to be very conscious of our diets. But heed my warning, do not over  do it. Like I don't want to one when everyone is on your side about what you're doing right and then still wonder why you only lost 5 pounds.

So you gotta watch what you're eating. Low carb meals are the ideal thing to research. I'll let you o that but I will provide good tasting food that are low carb. How does healthy low carb recipes for lunch sound? Everyone likes to eat. 

You can use that same search term for dinners and breakfast. So get comfortable seaching for what you want not just what is healthy. I figure I mentioned food that look good, taste good and smell good. No need to go into being uncomfortable the entire away of getting to your ideal weight. 

Stay motivated as you keep working towards your goal. Even if you got lazy and you didn't have time. Just start back up again and keep going. Look I had some cold stone ice cream just to take a break from the speed of life I experience on a daily basis. 

So don't forge to TREAT Yo SELF from time to time :D

Keep up the good work people!







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